Life at Our Facility

Our Facility Provides More Than Just a Comfortable Environment

Regents Park of Boca Raton is an 80,000-square-foot building in operation by our family since 1991. The facility is situated on a 10-acre plot of land surrounded by trees and lush tropical landscaping. Windows look out from all resident rooms and perimeter hallways onto our gardens.

The building itself has many advantages — including the fact that it's a one-story structure. That means no waiting at elevators to get to rooms, any of our four dining areas, our ice cream parlor or beauty salon, activity centers or . . . well, anywhere.

We also have in-wall oxygen in our short-term rehab unit just like hospitals do, meaning noisy bedside oxygen-delivery machines that disrupt sleep in most nursing homes simply aren't a factor here.

What other features does our building include? Take a look, then come for a tour:
Spacious private and semi-private rooms, including flat-screen TVs and private refrigerators in our short-term unit. Learn more about our accommodations.

  • A large aquarium filled with colorful fish, not to mention two eye-catching indoor aviaries.
  • An integrated system providing complete, free Internet access, which is available not just to residents but to their family members, friends and other visitors. Staying in touch is just a mouse click away.
  • A beauty salon with folks who will pamper you.
  • Loads of books to read and a great place to enjoy them.
  • Live entertainment several times each week.
  • An ice cream parlor, available every afternoon.
  • Laundry, included in your services at no additional charge.
  • Help with transportation arrangements when a visit to the doctor is on tap. (A nominal fee is charged, or you can arrange for another transportation to get to your destination.)
  • A full-time dietician to provide appropriate diets.

What goes on inside the building — rehabilitation, activities, nursing care, meal service and more — is obviously important. But we thought you'd like to know that the building itself is designed to ensure not just comfort and ease in getting around, but an environment intended to bring the structure as close to a home-like setting as we could possibly make it.

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