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Lush Gardens Nurture the Spirit and Help Recovery at Regents Park Boca

It’s a busy world and distractions abound. The idea of “stopping to smell the roses” sounds like a good idea, but how often can most people follow through — particularly if their world is upset by illness or the impact of a painful surgery?

At Regents Park of Boca Raton, we get it. We understand how tough it is to separate a troubled world from a peaceful world. And, as a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility, we put a huge premium on peace of mind and the beauty of nature that help make that peace possible. In fact, it’s one of the driving forces behind the lush gardens that wind their way throughout our 10-acre grounds. Indeed, it’s difficult to look out a resident room or walk through a hallway and not see garden, not to mention the birds and butterflies that visit. Our thinking? A beautiful outdoors should match the beauty of the indoors in our one-story building.

But there’s more to our gardens than beauty. Studies at the U.S Department of Health & Human Services’ National Institutes of Health show that having access to gardens has particular health and emotional benefits for the elderly — the primary people Regents Park Boca serves in its 180-bed facility. Scientists report that garden settings can help reduce pain, enhance attention, lessen stress, and improve sleep.

Of course, gardens on their own might be beautiful, but ensuring that people can actually stroll through them or sit in a shaded area for a beverage is important, too. Our gardens have tables and other sitting areas because we want residents, friends and family members to have reason to stay a while. Now and then we feature events in and around our garden areas. Over time we’ve also added fountains.

Our goal, always, is to include of the components intended to fulfill our motto of “rehab, recover, relax.” We’ve been doing that since our founding here in 1991. We don’t intend to stop now. As a matter of fact, we might just plant something new right now.

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