Payment Options

Understanding Your Payment Options at Regents Park Boca Raton

Regents Park of Boca believes that understanding the coverage of available insurance and payment options is important for you to be able to make sound decisions about either short-term rehab or long-term care placement. Because these are emotionally charged decisions we want to help you understand your options and smooth your way through the process.

Here are some coverage options to consider:


In a skilled nursing facility Medicare Part A will pay for a semi-private room, meals, medication, rehabilitation services, medical supplies and activities. You must have a three-day hospital qualifying stay prior to admission to a skilled nursing facility. For each benefit period you will be responsible for:

  • Days 1-20: There is no cost for the patient. Medicare pays the entire cost.
  • Days 21-100: There is a $161.00 co-pay. If there is a Medicare supplement we will verify the coverage and advise you what the supplement will pay.
  • You will be responsible for all costs incurred past the 100th day.

The benefit period for Medicare Part A is a maximum of 100 days. You must meet Medicare criteria throughout your stay for Medicare to continue to pay. Most patients do not require a 100-day stay. If you have any questions about Medicare coverage please contact the Admissions Department to clarify any questions you might have.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Most long-term care insurance policies will reimburse the patient directly. Therefore, Regents Park is paid by the patient/family and reimbursed by their insurance company. Any long-term care insurance would be verified prior to acceptance.

Care Plus

Care Plus insurance is contracted with Regents Park and will pay for a short-term rehabilitation stay if the patient meets criteria. While the patient is in the facility an insurance case manager will continue to follow the patient to make sure they continue to meet criteria. Various co-pays exist depending on the particular plan you have; you will be advised as to what that amount may be. If you are scheduling surgery and will be in need of short-term rehab we recommend that you verify what your co-pay is in advance.


Medicaid is the payer of last resort. You must meet Medicaid’s clinical as well as financial criteria. If you believe you may qualify for Medicaid we recommend you contact an elder law attorney to assist you in that process. Regents Park of Boca Raton does accept Medicaid based upon bed availability. Any patients applying to Regents Park for admission for long-term care must be approved by Medicaid prior to admission.

Private Pay

Regents Park of Boca Raton does accept private pay admissions. Those wishing to apply for admission must verify their ability to meet the financial responsibilities prior to admission. Please contact the Admissions Department with any questions.

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