Guardian Angel

Customer Service at Regents Park Boca Begins with a 'Guardian Angel'

People should expect great customer service from any company they do business with, but we believe that high expectations are all the more important in a healthcare setting. That’s why Regents Park Boca developed its Guardian Angel program — uniquely designed to make sure no one gets “lost in the system.”

Here’s how it works: Each resident is assigned a patient advocate to give him or her the personalized attention every person deserves. We call that advocate a “guardian angel,” someone specifically tasked with helping patients get answers to their questions without delays, and to help them navigate through their stay from the moment they enter our facility to the day they leave.

See, we understand how daunting it can be to go from the hospital to a rehab center, and how many concerns can come up. We also know that unanswered questions or concerns can increase anxiety for the patient and family, and ultimately make the stay less then satisfying. We don’t want that to happen. Not ever.

Our Guardian Angels are department managers who have actually requested to be a part of the program; that’s how strong their commitment to quality is. Their goal is to meet with each new patient after his or her arrival and then regularly throughout the person’s stay. By staying in close touch with their assigned patients, our Guardian Angels troubleshoot problems or concerns by quickly communicating with other departments on specific needs of the resident and explaining facility services, policies and procedures.

We believe our residents come before anything or anyone else. We believe it so strongly that even in the opening pages of our employee handbook we clearly spell out that Regents Park Boca is home to its residents and patients — and that we are their guests. Therefore, our goal is simple: to make your stay as comfortable as possible, to listen to what you have to say and to help you in any way possible. That’s our commitment, and our Guardian Angel program is one way we express it every day.

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