Patient Education

Maximizing Patient Success Through Education During Rehab Process

The goal for successful rehabilitation is for patients to feel confident and comfortable upon discharge because they know what to expect and how to manage medical issues as well as continuing progress from a therapeutic perspective.

Patients are admitted to Regents Park for rehab secondary to many different diagnoses such as accidents, surgery, disease process, and functional decline. Our goal is to make sure our patients do not end up back in the hospital because of a complication that could have been avoided. Education is the key here.

Education is a process which continues through the rehab process, from admission through discharge. Nursing education is a key component to this process as nurses continually work with patients on medication information, teaching and training regarding hygiene, lab work, and diet. They also work with them on appliances such as ostomies, diabetes, and signs and symptoms of chronic illness and disease. Part of the educational process also involves teaching patients to know when to call their physician and request physician intervention.

Physical, occupational and speech therapy educate patients in safety in the home and how best to accomplish such tasks as safe car transfers, transferring from the toilet, showering, working in the kitchen and preparing simple dishes. Speech therapy works to train the patient with swallowing issues such as how to swallow to avoid aspiration. Of course, Regents Park Boca's professionals also work with patients on cognitive retraining when necessary.

Training patients and caregivers on appropriate wound management and care are also essential to the healing process after discharge. Regents Park's wound care team works with the physician and rehab team to determine appropriate equipment (such a specialty beds, cushions and discharge equipment). Teaching and training the patient and caregiver is an ongoing process with a constant eye on seeing how well they demonstrate they've genuinely learned what is required with wound care for continued healing.

Respiratory therapy works with residents on teaching and training breathing techniques, nebulizer treatments and how to safely use and store oxygen in the home setting when necessary. The rest of the rehab team works in conjunction with respiratory therapy to modify the plan of care based on individual tolerance to physical activity as well as teaching patients themselves when they need to take a break and rest.

To ensure that patients are successful upon discharge we practice a comprehensive approach to education by all of the members of the rehab team. Our “Real Lifestyles” program helps our patients transition back to home by replicating home settings, setting realistic goals with the patient and educating patients how to adapt basic tasks once they are discharged.

Regents Park Boca’s goal is that every patient is discharged to his or her optimal level of recovery and independence. Helping patients learn the skills they need is essential to success. We make sure they have the educational knowledge to do just that.

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