General Rehab

General Rehabilitation Often the Answer When Further Recovery Is Needed

Not surprisingly, patients often wind up in the hospital because of critical medical issues or significant surgery. Hospitals are there to make the rescue and most do a great job. Unfortunately, hospitals don’t keep patients long after the immediate crisis has passed — a situation that makes returning home right after discharge unsafe because most patients quickly grow weakened during a hospital stay.

Whether these patients underwent major surgery or were diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, pressure ulcers, infection, pneumonia, non-healing wounds, renal disease, new dialysis or a combination of medical issues, many require rehabilitation and further nursing care. Those are the people who most often elect to further their recovery with a stay at Regents Park Boca under its General Rehabilitation Program.

Once at Regents Park, patients are evaluated by physical and occupational therapists along with the attending physician, nursing professionals and other team members. An individualized plan of care is developed to strengthen and improve endurance until the patient can be safely discharged.

Family members are often key in the recovery process, so along with the patient they’re also included in the plan of care. Teaching and patient education are part of the program, which boosts the patient’s ability to return home with a significantly reduced risk of further decline.

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