Respiratory Therapy

How Respiratory Therapy Helps Patients Fight Breathing Difficulties

Few medical problems are as persistently frightening as trouble with breathing, and when it’s particularly severe, respiratory therapy is critical.

At Regents Park Boca, respiratory therapy includes a variety of measures to ease or improve breathing. Depending on the unique issues presented by any given resident, some of those measures include high-flow oxygen therapy, pulmonary hygiene, chest physical therapy, breathing retention, aerosol therapy and testing of the cardiopulmonary system with pulse oximetry.

We also offer respiratory therapy for tracheostomy patients, providing around-the-clock care seven days a week. Our respiratory therapists are staff members, not contract workers. That means they get to know their patients well and can anticipate their needs.

As importantly, because respiratory issues tend to disrupt sleep, for short-term rehab patients newly arrived from hospitals we’ve taken the extra step to provide oxygen silently piped in from behind the wall — constructed the same way hospitals construct it — so that no one has to listen to the rattle of heavy, bedside machinery.

Respiratory help doesn't stop there. In addition to using the newest technology, we provide training for patients and patients' family members on cough-assist techniqus and non-invasive ventilation systems for home use.

Our Respiratory Therapy Department is directed by Lucy Allocca, a registered respiratory therapist with more than 30 years of experience. She has studied at the University of Virginia and at Duke Medical Center. If you have specific questions, please call her at (561) 483-9282, extension 2414.

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